How DMCA Takedown Experts Protect Their Customers From Pirates

Content creators of all kinds can easily find themselves suffering at the hands of pirates. Unauthorized distribution of intellectual property online is a persistent problem that costs rights holders many billions of dollars every year.

All that it will normally take to virtually rule out such damage, however, is to sign up for a service like the one detailed at Having a dedicated partner seeing to DMCA related duties will make piracy far less of a problem in just about every case.

A Proven Way to Minimize or Eliminate Unauthorized Distribution

It is almost trivially easy to duplicate most kinds of digital content and provide them to others. Naturally enough, that has made copyright infringement into an activity accessible to parties ranging from criminal gangs to everyday, normally law-abiding people.

As such, virtually every content creator and rights holder today needs to be vigilant about minimizing the threat. Services like the one online at make use of a process that guarantees rewarding results. That will typically mean working through steps including:

Fingerprinting. Identifying unauthorized distribution requires being able to highlight protected content quickly. In some cases, simply knowing the title of a protected work will be enough, for a start. Many companies that specialize in this type of protection today also use more sophisticated means of matching content found online to that they are tasked with guarding. Checksums that are used to uniquely identify particular pieces of content make mistakes almost impossible.

Scanning. Once a catalog of content to be protected has been produced, it will then be possible to start looking for unauthorized distribution online. That can include everything from searching through vast collections of BitTorrent files to using intelligent web spiders to crawl blogs and forums. Scanning for content distribution on an ongoing basis will also ensure that activities which have previously been addressed will not resume again in other places.

Effective Protection That Pays Off

Basic activities like these are the building blocks that even the most advanced and effective piracy protection schemes are made from. Working with a company that excels at safeguarding content online can improve the bottom line of any company that has intellectual property of its own.